Paris Lodron, Prince Archbishop of Salzburg

The most well known member of the Lodron family is Count Paris, who was Prince Archbishop of Salzburg from 1619 to 1653. He was born in 1586 in Castel Noarna (or Castelnuovo) situated above the Village of Nogaredo in the Lagarina Valley. Paris Lodron left home in his early years to study for the priesthood. After being called to Salzburg by his uncle Antonio Lodron, he became a distinguished cathedral provost.

He was elected prince archbishop in 1619 at 33 years of age. The difficult state of affairs at this time, particularly during the Thirty Years' War, demanded great political wisdom and diplomatic ability. Paris Lodron managed to keep Salzburg out of this conflict in spite of massive intervention on the part of the Emperor and the King of Bavaria. He had the city fortified "like a tortoise shell" by the court architect, Santino Solari, which even resisted the army of the Swedish King, Gustav Adolf. Solari was also commissioned with the reconstruction of the cathedral, which was consecrated during the turmoil of war.

Paris Lodron was always very attached to his home in the Lagarina Valley. He commissioned Santino Solari to design and adapt a chapel in the existing building in Nogaredo and add the south wing, giving the Palazzo Lodron its present aspect. The architectural connection with the Residence in Salzburg, as well as with Hellbrunn Castle (also by Solari) is all too obvious.

The Prince with the deep concern for the welfare of his country died on December 15th, 1653 and was buried in the Salzburg Cathedral.